About Us

Changing the landscape of the insurance industry every day.

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality advice and counsel to each of our clients. What makes Shepherd Insurance stand out from the rest is the way we approach sales and service – in a true team environment. We have compiled a team of the best and brightest who never stop outworking the competition, and never stop until each Shepherd client is satisfied.

This has been the environment at Shepherd Insurance since it was founded by Dave Shepherd in 1977 in Carmel, Indiana. Dave built the agency on strong principles and a vision for how a truly independent insurance agency should be run:

• The CLIENT always comes before commission.
• Treat clients like you’d treat your own FAMILY.
WORK harder than the competition.
• Surround yourself with a TEAM of talented people.
LOVE what you do. 


Industry memberships



Shepherd Insurance is a member of the Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) of Indiana, an organization dedicated to helping independent insurance agencies in Indiana through education, advocacy, and services. 

Shepherd is also a member of the Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana (Big "I), whose mission is to enhance the competitive position and fulfill business requirements of independent agents and brokers, advocating buyer interests, and continually striving to be the premier trade association.

Shepherd Insurance is a member of the Health Savings Account (HSA) Council. The HSA Council is an organization of banks, insurers, and technology leaders committed to increasing the adoption velocity of health savings accounts in the United States. The HSA Council represents its members before Congress, the White House and U.S. Courts in order to preserve the ability of Americans to pay for healthcare using an HSA.