Risk Management

Loss Prevention Services are an important tool in today’s insurance market and throughout this process we partner with carrier resources, third party resources and our own internal risk management team to assist your company in meeting the safety needs set by your carrier or regulatory agency.

Loss Control Activity Evaluations – We will provide assistance in prioritizing your account’s safety management needs. We identify active and potential loss sources including critical underwriting information.

Safety Program Development – Involves evaluating the account’s existing programs and provides guidance through submission of recommendations and development of basic safety programs.


  • Safety Management – Improves management’s ability to take control of workplace risk by focusing safety efforts on issues that are causing losses. Service includes working with the account on a periodic basis, usually monthly or quarterly.
  • Employer Policies – Addresses the completeness of a wide range of OSHA and insurance carrier controls such as ergonomics, personal protective equipment, machine guarding, etc.
  • Industrial Hygiene – Timely and comprehensive services are available, including air and noise monitoring to support illness prevention and claims disease activities.
  • Training – A variety of programs are available to satisfy OSHA training requirements. Sessions are delivered in the traditional classroom setting or online through the internet.


Shepherd Insurance has made employee safety a priority. We believe in the positive values that consistent training has on the behavioral outcomes of your workforce. The benefits to you include a reduced number of accidents and injuries as well as lowered costs for your customers. Environmental, health & safety training teaches your employees best practices that help them incorporate safety into everything they do. It also reinforces your company’s safety policies in a manner that is cost and time-effective. At Shepherd Insurance, we understand that your employees are your most important asset. As our client, we encourage you to take advantage of this value-added service to protect your employees as well as your bottom line.