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John Simmons

Partner | Shepherd Financial

John is one of the partners of Shepherd Financial. He helps individuals and families with financial planning, which includes cash flow and budgets, education funding, investments, and retirement.


John worked for Indiana Insurance for 13 years and started as an underwriter. He transitioned into marketing, then finished his time there as a Regional VP of Illinois Operations. He then joined Hoosier Insurance in 1986. Hoosier Insurance, a subsidiary of Baldwin Lyons, was a startup general lines insurer. He was the VP of Marketing and Underwriting, which included the appointment of independent agents to represent Hoosier Insurance. In 1998, he retired as the President of Hoosier Insurance. Relying on his experience in financial services, he began a new career in financial planning and investment management. He then joined Shepherd Financial in August 2017.


John grew up near Dodge City, Kansas. He attended Spearville schools and attended Dodge City Junior College for two years. Shortly after he attended Kansas State for a year and Kansas University for three years. While attending KU, he worked and lived at Kaw Valley Fish Farm. Kaw Valley was owned by Ozark Fisheries which also owned Grassy Fork Fisheries in Martinsville, IN. In 1973, after finishing school, he transferred to Grassy Fork Fishery in Indiana, where he later met his wife, Wilma. He changed his career to financial services in 1974. John has four children and seven grandchildren. He enjoys playing golf, fishing, reading and traveling.

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