Our Leaders

Nita Knies

VP of Commercial Services | Partner

As VP of Commercial Services, Nita K. Knies (CIC, API, CISR AINS) is responsible for overseeing the commercial insurance staff within Carmel Headquarters and also serves as a resource to all locations for any service needs. She works closely with the entire team to maintain excellent customer service.  Her responsibilities include implementing and maintaining policies and procedures for the organization.  She also oversees the Shepherd Small Business Unit which includes the utilization of small business service centers.


Nita brings her 34 plus years of insurance expertise to the Shepherd team, joining in 2014 via the Consolidated merger. Specializing in management, commercial, personal and life & health, she is able to be utilized in a variety of capacities by the company.


Nita makes her home with husband Glenn. The couple have two children: Jon and Lindsey.

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