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Our Platinum Portal is custom designed with the client in mind. It is your access point to a wealth of insurance, risk management, and human resources information. Below is just a sample of the tools the Shepherd Platinum Portal can bring to your organization. For further information or to request a demo, please contact a Shepherd team member. If you are already a Platinum Portal user, you can access the site by utlizing the “Client Login” link on top right of the page.

Community Forum

Share information and resources with the Community’s interactive forum that allows you to post questions to your peers, provide insight into other users’ questions, and allows you to track responses based on topics or individual questions.

Access to your Policy Declarations and Forms

Your policies are posted securely online for 24/7 Access. In addition, any applicable carrier forms are kept up to date on your portal for instant access.

Doc Center

Access a library of thousands of downloadable articles, brochures, and forms covering a variety of insurance related topics. From complete safety manuals, payroll stuffers, posters, organizational policies; the Shepherd Platinum Portal has the information to assist you.


The Platinum Portal allows your company to track and electronically update your OSHA Log online. Within seconds, you can take the information input into your log and create the OSHA 300 and 200 Forms. In addition, any recorded incidents within your log can be used to analyze incidents by year, location, division, and injury type; creating a valuable risk management tool.


Is your company in compiance with the ever changing Federal and State Laws? The Platinum Portal provides up to date legislative information, forms, and pertinent information on HIPAA, COBRA, Family Medical Leave Act, Section 125 Plans, OSHA, and Workers Compensation.