Cyber Security Insurance & Data Breach Insurance Coverage

Just about any business that uses technology to do business faces cyber risk. Cyber Security insurance generally covers your business’ liability for a data breach involving things like identity protection solutions, public relations, legal fees, liability and more depending on the coverage you choose. These threats come in different forms including phishing, viruses, Trojans, key logging, spyware and spam. Cyber Security insurance policies are tailored to meet your company’s specific needs and can offer a number of important benefits. Work with a Shepherd representative today to help protect your business’s assets.


Over the last several years, the insurance industry has responded with a number of Cyber Security insurance policies available on the market that can be tailored to address your company’s unique business exposures. Making this coverage a part of your business insurance program is key to an effective risk management plan.


What’s Covered in Cyber Security Insurance?
There are two major types of Cyber Liability Insurance:


  1. First-party coverage offers financial compensation to help an insured address immediate customer and business needs.
  2. Third-party coverage protects a client in the event of a lawsuit brought by a customer or partner in the event of a data breach.




Digital Crime

  • Electronic transfer of funds
  • Cyber extortion
  • Deceptive transfer
  • Telephone toll fraud


Breach Liability

  • Privacy liability
  • Regulatory
  • Website media liability
  • Payment card industry


Breach Liability

  • Data breach team
  • Digital asset loss
  • Business interruption