Solutions by Profession

Agribusiness & Farming

Raising livestock and farming are risky and complex operations that leave your business with many exposures. It is critical to stay up-to-date on the risks that threaten it and understand the options to protect it.

Auto Dealerships

Automotive dealerships face a multitude of challenges. Does your auto dealer’s insurance policy consider the liability that comes with doing business, having employees and exposure that comes from hundreds of people visiting your lot each month?

Commercial Property Managment

Property managers of commercial buildings are becoming more susceptible to lawsuits and other types of claims. Property managers must carry commercial property insurance as well as several forms of business liability insurance.

Financial Industry

Whether you work at a small community bank or one of the largest national banks with offices worldwide, you want to maintain capital and be staffed appropriately to deliver quality service to your customers. Talk with a Shepherd representative today to discuss your coverage.

Healthcare Professional Liability

As a healthcare professional, helping your clients to be at their best is what you do. However, even the most thoughtful and cautious health care, medical and wellness practitioners are subject to complaints against them.


Whatever your style of hospitality might be, you have a unique mix of insurance needs. Whether your guests come to eat, sleep or play, it’s important to have the appropriate risk management and insurance coverage strategy.


Whether treating a single tree, cleaning up after a storm or creating a scenic outdoor paradise, your clients rely on you and your equipment to help improve their outdoor living space. One false move could quickly turn a jobsite to a lawsuit-worthy accident.

Law Firms

About 6% of all attorneys will face an allegation of professional liability in any one year. You handle volumes of sensitive, personal information. With this comes exposure to a variety of significant and specific risks unique to the legal profession.

Learning Instituitions

With more than 20 million students attending nearly 5,000 colleges and universities, educators face more risks now than ever before – Ranging from sexual harassment complaints and accusations to emergency events.


No matter what line of manufacturing you’re in, from food and beverage to metals and plastics, your business faces unique risks and that’s in addition to the typical issues most businesses deal with such as property damage or losing important records and files.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

As one of the nations leading Brokerages delivering complete healthcare in malpractice solutions, we offer coverage spanning the rapidly integrating healthcare continuum.


There’s nothing like the thrill of a roaring engine or watching a race car make a left-hand turn at 200 miles per hour, but with the need for speed comes a variety of risk exposures unique to the modern motorsports industry.

Non-Profits & Religious Organizations

Like a business or a homeowner, a nonprofit organization needs to protect its property from loss from a fire, by theft and from many other hazards. Whether a human services, arts, educational, civic or other type of nonprofit, your organization should be protected to cover defense costs and damages.

Oil & Gas Insurance

We have a vast array of partners to provide competitive and comprehensive products for the energy industry. We have the knowledge to recommend the products to protect your company to the fullest.

Residential Property Management

Owners and managers of residential properties oversee the property maintenance, the security of the building and tenants and overall welfare of many different interests. With a wide array of responsibilities, it’s imperative to have the right types of insurance.


Running a restaurant is challenging enough without having to worry about things like lawsuits, loss of income or property damage. All restaurants and food related

Retirement Communities

As an administrator of a senior care and living community, you are part of a rapidly changing industry that is under continual exposure. Outside influences, such as healthcare laws and insurance regulations, make providing these specialized services subject to more scrutiny and risk than ever before.

State & Local Government

State and Local Governments have a huge web of risk exposures. They typically own a ton of property, have a large workforce, and own a diverse fleet of vehicles.


Commercial vehicles, products and employees are constantly on the move. Motor vehicles transport goods and people more than 2.9 billion miles every year. Talk with our team today to discuss your transportation insurance needs.

Truck Dealers

We understand your commercial truck dealership serves a unique industry. We have a team that specializes in providing, servicing and underwriting customized insurance products for the franchise truck dealership industry.

Towing Insurance

With so much riding on your tow truck, it’s vital that you have coverage adjusted specifically for your needs. Towing insurance can cover more than your typical wrecker or rollback truck.