Workers Compensation

What is workers’ compensation?


Workers’ compensation is a system that exists in all states to protect workers who become hurt on the job or contract an illness as a result of their job. In the event that one of your employees is injured on the job, workers’ compensation will cover his or her medical costs and wages during the recovery period.


What are the reporting procedures for injuries and illnesses?


If employees are injured, they should notify you immediately to file a report. This will initiate the process for receiving workers’ compensation benefits.


How are employees reimbursed?


Lost compensation is payable during the time period in which employees are authorized by their treating physicians. Benefits are paid weekly at a state-specific percentage rate of their average weekly wage, up to a maximum dollar amount. There is also a state-specified waiting period before benefits are available.


What is an Independent Medical Exam (IME)?


An IME is an exam by a medical professional other than the physician who first examined an injured or ill employee. An employer or insurance carrier can request an IME to confirm an original diagnosis and treatment plan.


What happens if an employee does not comply with the recommended treatment?


Non-compliance with recommended medical treatments, therapy or return-to-work plans may jeopardize workers’ compensation benefits.


How can I control workers’ compensation costs?


There are many ways for you to control workers’ compensation costs for your business. The most important is to talk with your employees about maintaining a safe workplace and how it is vital to reducing insurance costs.