Employee Benefits

Your Benefits Team

The Shepherd Insurance team approach to account management places tenured specialists in a variety of areas to service clients, such as funding arrangements, compliance, communication programs, employee advocacy, and wellness. We strive to be market leaders and innovators. As a local, independently-owned brokerage, our experience as an employee benefits broker increases our flexibility. We are quick to adopt innovative technologies and initiatives both for our company and our clients.

Benefits Products

Employee benefits are non-salary compensation that can vary from company to company. Benefits are indirect and non-cash payments within a compensation package.

Compliance Services

In this legislative environment, maintaining health and welfare plan compliance can be challenging for any business. Too often, companies fall into non-compliance by falling behind on the changing government regulations that affect employee benefits plans.

Cost Containment Strategies

For our self-funded employers and their employees, we provide the ability to buy their prescription drugs as part of a discounted purchasing coalition.

Employee Benefits Consulting

Nearly one-third of organizations increased their overall benefits offerings in the last 12 months. Employee benefits play an important role in retaining employees.

Employee Education & Communication

Many employees do not recognize the full value of their benefit packages because they do not understand them. We can help educate employees about their benefits and how to best use their plan.

Executive Benefits

Shepherd's benefits division provides corporate clients, shareholders, owners and executives with solutions in succession, retention, reward and supplemental benefit programs.

Group Dental Plans

Dental insurance provides a powerful incentive for your employees and their families to protect their health through preventive dental services. It covers both basic and major services, easing the financial burden of dental health.

Group Disability Plans

Shepherd Insurance offers a range of disability plans that provide critical income protection should an accident or illness lead to disability.

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance is an integral part of most employee benefits packages. When provided by an employer, employees appreciate the value of life coverage and the additional security it provides to their families.

Group Medical Plans

Today more than ever, employers require seasoned insurance professionals who understand the impact of complex state and federal regulations on group health insurance. Shepherd Insurance can guide you through these challenges.

Group Vision Plans

Eye health is a critical part of a person’s overall health at any age. Shepherd Insurance can provide comprehensive vision coverage for your employees.

Individual Medical Insurance

Individual health insurance is coverage that you purchase on your own, on an individual or family basis, as opposed to obtaining through an employer.

Plan Administration

With all of the complexities of employee benefits and plan design, combined with ongoing changes to benefit legislation, it usually takes someone with a deeper knowledge of benefits to ensure your employees are receiving the right information.

Risk Management

One of the most crucial parts of any effective employee benefits package is a wellness / risk management program that is integrated with your corporate culture, and overall employee benefit objectives.

Underwriting Negotiation

Shepherd’s experience enables us to successfully negotiate minimum liability and exposure, premiums, and other cost factors associated across all of your employee benefit insurance lines.

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary insurance covers a wide range of benefit options, and is often used to help employees secure individual life and disability coverage regardless of their medical histories.


Wellness programs have become more popular in today’s work environment than ever before. In fact, wellness programs are now usually a part of a company’s benefits package. Wellness is less about being ill and more about keeping your body in good condition for longevity.