PROPERTY Insurance


If you don’t have coverage once an earthquake hits, buying a policy shortly after could be difficult. Make sure to solidify your earthquake insurance before the next big disaster by contacting one of our Shepherd representatives.


Ninety percent of all natural disasters in the U.S. involve flooding. Homeowners insurance typically does not cover damage from floods. Let us help you learn more about flood insurance protections.

High Value Home

For homes that hold high value, sometimes standard homeowners insurance is not the ideal fit and does not recognize the unique coverage needs of high value homeowners.


Finding the right homeowners policy doesn’t have to be a life stressor. Let us help you select the right coverages for you and your family that match your needs.


Renters insurance is for anyone renting an apartment, condo, dorm room, house or anything else to help protect your personal possessions and assets. Reach out to someone from our Shepherd team to talk more about renters insurance.

Secondary Home

When buying a second home, whether it’s a vacation home or rental property, it’s important to make sure it is property insured.


An umbrella policy helps shield your family’ assets and adds an additional layer of protection from major claims. Speak with a Shepherd representative today about remaining assets that could potentially be exposed.

Vacant Home

The insurance requirements for a vacant home are different than an occupied home. Your home might be considered “vacant” if it is left empty for 60 or more days. Call the Shepherd team today to discuss your insurance needs.

Valuable Articles

Not everyone needs valuable articles insurance. However, if you own jewelry or other valuables, you should consider this extra coverage.


Heavy winds cause about $1 billion in damages in the U.S. every year. Does your homeowners insurance policy cover heavy wind damage?