The Dunn Family

After 34 years with no issues, the Dunn’s former insurance carrier dropped their homeowner’s policy with no warning. Still in shock, a friend referred them to Shepherd Insurance. Problem solved.

“My family learned recently that our insurance company was dropping our homeowner’s policy. I have since learned this is a common occurrence but having been with our insurance company and agent for 34 years and never missing a premium, it was a bit surreal and we were very upset. We were referred to your agency and Ben Coe was sent out to our home to meet with us. I just wanted to take a moment out to tell you want a stellar representation of your company that he is.

Ben met with a very shaken women, it is hard to put into words the comfort that he brought to our family that day. But the quality that I am having difficulty articulating to you is exactly what you want in the person that is in front of any homeowner in distress whether it be someone in our situation or because some catastrophe that warrants an agent getting involved. Within minutes, I felt like my family had an advocate in the insurance industry and that everything was going to work out. Ben was incredible at calming my fears and setting to work on our behalf. He has been so responsive, even on the smallest details. I have had answers to my questions almost immediately. He always made me feel like my family was his top priority. He has made what I thought would be a very painful, difficult transition easy and seamless. While he was incredibly professional, when he left our home, I felt like a friend had dropped by to visit…a very difficult balance for most people to reach.

We are thankful and blessed that Shepherd Insurance, especially Ben Coe, went to work on our behalf and look forward to our future relationship. I am a charter member of Angie’s List and will go on to see if I can leave a review on your company there as well.”

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