10 Items That You Should Replace in the New Year

January 18, 2023

Let’s face it, most of us probably don’t often think about refreshing everyday household items we hang onto for months or even years. But hiding in our kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms are many tools and products that you should replace regularly to prevent illness and disease or just to ensure that they’re working properly.


Here are the top 10 things you might want to replace in 2023:


1. Kitchen sponges

Boil them, microwave them, soak them in bleach: it doesn’t matter. A 2020 study says kitchen sponges continue to harbor disease-causing bacteria, despite our best efforts. Experts recommend replacing your sponge every 1 to 2 weeks.

2. Spices:

Old spices probably won’t hurt you, but they won’t make your food taste any better. Make it a habit to survey your cabinets once a year and eliminate anything that’s been there for too long. Whole spices can last up to 4 years, but the ground and dried herbs should be replaced every 1 to 2 years.

3. Damaged pots and pans:

Get rid of nonstick pots and pans that are scratched or damaged. The coating can get into your food and release toxic chemicals during cooking if the coating is compromised.

4. Cutting boards:

A well-loved cutting board can also be a haven for bacteria and disease. If your cutting board is full of scratches and grooves, replace it immediately.

5. Makeup & makeup tools:

Everyday items like mascara, eyeliner or concealer can carry bacteria that can cause infection or worsen skin. Replace heavy-use items about every three months. Similarly, makeup sponges, brushes and tools should be cleaned or replaced regularly.

6. Toothbrush:

Replace your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months or after a trip or an illness.

7. Shower poufs and sponges:

The shower pouf is like the kitchen sponge of the bathroom, providing the perfect environment for bacteria and mold. Dry out your sponge between each use, and replace it every 1-2 months.

8. Sunscreen:

Sunscreen loses its effectiveness over time, and even faster if it’s exposed to high temperatures (like from sitting in your beach bag every day over the summer). If you have an unopened tube of sunscreen, it will be suitable for up to three years. Otherwise, get a fresh one.

9. Filters:

Filters are there to keep our air and water clean, and if they’re overloaded, they can’t do their jobs. Follow the manufacturer’s replacement schedule for air and water filters; replace more frequently if someone in the home has serious allergies or asthma.

10. Pillows:

Pillows can get nasty and dirty from hours of use each night. The material inside low-quality pillows can also break down fairly quickly, giving your neck and head less support. Experts recommend replacing your pillows every six months. If you have a higher quality or memory foam pillow, you can get away with replacing it every 1 to 2 years.


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