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As a part of the Shepherd Family, you gain access to the collective knowledge of over 500 insurance professionals in 40 offices across the country. Our teamwork approach is second to none in the insurance industry. Shepherd has added over 35 agencies to the Shepherd family and continues to look for independent agencies that operate on the same principles in order to continue to serve our clients and the communities in which we operate.


Since 1977, our family has worked hard to build a culture of teamwork and success. We are excited that you are here and are happy you are exploring the possibility of becoming a part of our family. Our strategic approach is second to none, and our team is here to understand your needs and create a plan that supports you, your team and your business. 

As a part of the Shepherd Family, our unique structure allows you to maintain your independence, but expands the resources available to you so you can continue to work in whatever capacity you choose. As a Shepherd partner, you gain access to:

  • Our network of nearly 200 carriers, including the nation’s top 10 independent carriers
  • Expanded market access, leverage and career opportunities for your team
  • Dedicated Administration teams providing Accounting, Human Resources, Legal, IT, Training and Marketing support
  • Practice leaders and support team in all lines of business including commercial and personal insurance, employee benefits, Medicare and financial services, in addition to niche market experience

If you are looking for a mutually-beneficial partnership, we welcome the opportunity to share our unique approach with you. Although Shepherd is one of the top 50 largest independent insurance agencies in the country, we maintain our core values and culture. We are family-focused and are looking for partners that have similar values and perspective.  Contact us today to learn more about the Shepherd Advantage.




Quinn Shepherd

CEO | Managing Partner

Dave Shepherd

Founder | Chairman

Jeff Kweder

President | Executive Partner

Austin Akers

Mergers & Acquisitions | Partner

Trent Hunt

COO of Kentuckiana Region | Executive Partner

Steve Shepherd

Mergers & Acquisitions | Partner

Dean Webster

Advisor | Mergers & Acquisitions

David Moore

Mergers & Acquisitions | Advisor | Partner

Patrick Del Medico

COO of Florida Region | Executive Partner

Stan Logan

Mergers & Acquisitions | Partner

Tom Niccum

CAO | Executive Partner

Pete Harrington

COO | Executive Partner

Fred McClaine



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July 31, 2023

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We’d love to hear from you. If you need assistance, have questions about our group of Shepherd partner companies or are simply looking for more information, we’re eager to help. Thank you for your interest in Shepherd Insurance. We are excited to hear from you and tell you about the best parts of being part of the Shepherd Family.

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