Our bond team specializes in contract and commercial surety bonds for a wide range of industries. No matter what your bond requirement may be, our team is available to help you. We have strong relationships with some of the leading bond companies and can provide you with the right combination of coverage and service.

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Contract Bonds

Bid Bonds

Bid bonds provide a financial guarantee that a bid has been proposed in good faith. It supports that the contractor is qualified for the necessary Performance and Payment bonds.

Maintenance Bonds

Maintenance bonds guarantee against faulty workmanship and materials for a specific period of time.

Performance & Payment Bonds

Performance bonds are required by the obligee (owner) to insure against loss in the event the contractor (principle) is incapable of performing the contract according to its terms and conditions. Payment bonds guarantee the contract will pay the suppliers, laborers, and subcontractors involved in the project.

Subdivision Bonds

Subdivision Bonds are required of some landowners to make improvements to land within a subdivision, such as improving electrical lines, sewer, sidewalks, gutters, grading, etc.

Commercial Bonds

Court Bonds

Court bonds include 4.11, Appeal, Release of Lien and Probate bonds. These bonds may be required by courts to assure a party is compliant with a court order, administers an estate of deceased person, acts as guardian for disabled person, etc.

Fidelity Bonds

Offers an employer protection against losses caused by its employees' fraudulent or dishonest actions.

License & Permit Bonds

State or local laws require license and permit bonds be issued to operate certain types of businesses such as streets, sidewalks, gutters, and drainage systems.

Miscellaneous Bonds

Miscellaneous Bonds do not fall in any of the categories. These bonds can be more hazardous obligations and require extensive underwriting.

Public Official Bonds

Public Official Bonds guarantee the performance of duty of a public official such as sheriffs, judges, and clerks.

Notary Bonds

No matter your location, Shepherd Insurance can handle your notary bond. We have provided notary coverage and service for over 30 years. A notary may be required by your state to post a bond to guarantee your performance. The bond is there to pay damages to an injured party in the event of a document being improperly notarized.

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We have assembled a team that specializes in specializes in contract and commercial surety bonds for a wide range of industries.

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