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Turner Insurance is a small dedicated group of insurance professionals located in Centerville, Indiana. A couple of us are insurance lifers and a few of us are relatively new to the business, but the one thing we have in common here is an obsessive desire to do what’s right and what’s best for every one of our clients.

Whatever your situation, we are prepared to help (and empathize)! To the clients and future clients of Turner Insurance, we promise you this; we will give you our very best effort, all of the time. Our organization will treat you and your family or business fairly and will keep your best interest in mind at all times. We will be responsible for our actions, and honest in our approach. We will make mistakes, but we will correct them. We will never lose sight of the reason we are in business, and we will remain humble in our success.

Thank you for choosing Turner Insurance. Great things are ahead of us


It’s been 15 years since Turner Insurance was just an idea. When Kyle Turner first started the agency, he had no clients and no carriers. Through interviews with carriers at his dining room table, Kyle was able to secure two contracts with Celina Mutual Insurance & Grange Insurance. After obtaining these two contracts, Kyle was able to officially call himself “Turner Insurance Agency” and start his business.

The first policy Kyle wrote was for Tim & Karen Chaney. When Kyle left the first meeting with a check from the Chaney’s he told himself he would never forget the feeling that someone chose Turner Insurance to be their agent. Others soon followed after Tim & Karen. The Pruitt’s, Larry Crull & his laundromat, the Bentlage’s, Rinehart’s, Brewer’s & Jones. We are proud to say we still work with all of these folks – and we don’t tell them how much we appreciate their business quite enough. Over the years we have been able to grow Turner Insurance more than Kyle could have ever imagined. Our staff, clients and carrier force are exceptional and other people must have taken notice.

On March 1, 2020, Kyle agreed to become part of the Shepherd Insurance Family and Turner Insurance became Turner & Shepherd Insurance. Shepherd Insurance is the largest independent insurance agency in the state of Indiana, and the 43rd largest agency in the United States. Shepherd told us they would be as active or inactive as we wanted them to be – they just want to support us and help us continue to grow. Shepherd shares out culture and likes to win.

 The cool thing about our merger is that Shepherd approached us. That’s kind of like a small hardware store being approached by Menards or Lowes and being told, “we like you and would like to work with you. If you’ll work with us, you’ll have access to our store but can keep doing what you’re doing.” In the end, we couldn’t find a downside, and that’s why we are so excited.

So, it’s business as usual here, but likely more of it. You’ll still get to harass and joke with Kimber, Courtney, Stephanie, Dee, et al, and put up with Grant, Mike, Aaron & Kyle. THANK YOU for being a client of Turner Insurance, and now Turner & Shepherd Insurance.


Kyle Turner


Courtney Amos

Commercial Lines Account Manager

Chloe Brown

Insurance Advisor

Deeanna Crank

Employee Benefits Account Manager

Stephanie Dunwiddie

Claims Representative

Grant Reece

Insurance Advisor

Kimber Rees

Office Manager

Mike Wagers

Insurance Advisor



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