Cyber Liability

Helping protect your business from cyber attacks.

Shepherd has the availability to numerous industry resources that provide a mass array of Cyber Liability coverages. We then work with our clients to help design the best insurance product catered to each individual company based on their technology needs, and one that will protect them from the most up-to-date cyber risks that are currently affecting our world today.


We work alongside our carriers to provide initial loss prevention evaluations of our client’s network systems to identify any potential areas of cyber hazards, as well as providing loss prevention and risk management resources our clients can implement to help reduce cyber exposures at their companies.


No organization is immune to a cyber breach. Cyber risks are exacerbated by the trend in outsourcing data handling and the simple fact that the modern business world is full of portable devices such as cell phones, laptops, iPads, USB drives, jump drives, media cards, tablets and other devices that may facilitate the loss sensitive information.



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