Firework Safety Tips for your Fourth of July Weekend

July 1, 2022

If there are three things to expect from the 4th of July, it is flag-printed clothing, food on the grill and an assortment of high-flying, flashy fireworks. While it is exciting setting off your assortment of fireworks, it can also be very dangerous. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, nearly 11,500 injuries were treated due to accidents involving fireworks in 2021. Therefore, it is important to always keep firework safety tips in mind for your fourth of July weekend.


The Risks

Unfortunately, many people do not realize just how dangerous fireworks and sparklers can be — which is a primary reason that injuries occur. Fireworks can not only injure the users but can also affect bystanders. Bottle rockets and firecrackers can fly in any direction and may explode on or near someone instead of up in the air. Sparklers are also a huge risk, as they burn at very high temperatures and are often given to children too young to use them safely. All fireworks pose potential risks of burn, blindness and other injuries.


Tips for Safe Use

When using fireworks, always plan carefully in advance for who will shoot them and what safety precautions you will have in place. To ensure a safe and fun holiday, be sure to remember these tips before celebrating:

  • Be sure to follow the instructions for each firework before using it.
  • Do not try to make your own fireworks; use only those that are commercially manufactured.
  • Only use fireworks and sparklers outside in an open space.
  • Obey local ordinances regarding private fireworks usage.
  • Ensure spectators are a safe distance away.
  • Don’t allow small children to light fireworks or use sparklers.
  • Do not try and relight “duds” or fireworks that did not ignite. Instead, wait 20 minutes and then soak them in a bucket of water.
  • Ensure there is a working water source nearby. (ex. water hose, bucket)
  • Point all fireworks away from people, houses and power lines.
  • Do not shoot fireworks off if under the influence of alcohol.
  • Show children how to properly hold sparklers, how to stay far enough away from other children and what not to do (throw, run or fight with a sparkler in hand)—but supervise closely, regardless.
  • Soak all used fireworks and the area utilized for the fireworks when finished.
  • Do not carry fireworks in your pocket or shoot them from metal or glass containers.



Don’t forget about your pets!

While we all love the 4th of July, some of our pets may not feel the same way. The loud noises can frighten or stress your family pets. Here are some tips to help settle your pets:

  • Allow pets to use the bathroom outdoors before beginning fireworks.
  • Keep pets indoors away from loud noises and in a comfortable place.
  • Be sure that all ID tags are properly affixed to your pet’s collar and that they have your current contact information, including your cell phone.
  • Update any active microchip registrations and pet license information to ensure they are current.

So, before you crank up The Star-Spangled Banner and watch fireworks in your favorite lawn chair, be sure to follow some of these tips to ensure the safest and most fun Independence Day possible!