How to Get a New Agent Without Having to Get a New Policy

July 22, 2016

There are many reasons why you might need or want a new insurance agent.

  • You’re moving half way across the United States (or town) and feel more comfortable with a local agent.
  • Your current agent isn’t able to meet your coverage needs.
  • Your personality just doesn’t mesh with that of your agent. Some people prefer straight business and bottom line; others prefer warm and fuzzy.

You like your insurance company, the premiums are just right, and they took care of your hail damaged car beautifully in that last storm – you don’t want to lose any of that! So how do you keep your policy intact but change agents?

Most of the time you can check your company’s website and it will have a list of agents located near you. Give them a call and explain your situation. Sometimes it’s just as easy as signing and dating a form called an Agent of Record letter that legally transfers your current policies from one agent to another. Other times you might have to complete new applications – just as if you are starting over again. However, the good news is when this is the case, most companies will allow you to keep your longevity and any other credits you have accrued which may continue to improve your premiums.

As the client, you need to choose an agent that meets all of your needs. This might not be the agent that can get you the cheapest insurance premium.  It should be the agent that finds the best way to help you feel comfortable and manage your risk.

With 153 licensed agents, 200 team members total, and 14 offices serving the entire U.S., Shepherd Insurance is certain to have an agent that will suit your needs.

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