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Shepherd Insurance understands the complexity of covering those who work in the oil and gas industry. Our team is well experienced with realizing the loss potential and unique risks that could occur along the many different stages of producing oil. We will help your company determine the specific risks that could potentially happen to your specific company. We partner with the industries leading carriers to provide the correct coverages and loss control suggestions for each business.


At Shepherd Insurance, we take the time to get to know you, your company, and your employees. We will visit and talk to the correct employees, to get a certainty of the day to day job specifics. This could include, office and site visits. We understand the job specifics change, we make certain your insurance coverage changes with it.


This type of service is what sets Shepherd Insurance apart from the other agencies. It is our attention to detail and communication that separates us from our competitors.


We have assembled a team that specializes in providing, servicing, and underwriting customized insurance products for the oil and gas industry. As an independently owned and operated agency, we have the flexibility to put your business first. With Shepherd Insurance, you’re not a policy to us. We create a partnership with each client through earned trust, integrity, knowledge and experience.

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