Protect your Home Office During Home Office Security & Safety Week

January 15, 2021

Home Office Security and Safety Week is observed to encourage at-home workers to analyze the safety and security of their home office. During a time when more and more people are working from home, this week deserves special attention.

One major difference between working from home and working in an office is that you, as the employee, are responsible for the safety and security of your office. To help you make sure you are working in a secure and safe environment at home, we have put together a few safety tips we recommend.

  1. Invest in power strips to reduce cord clutter. Leaving numerous cords strewn across your office makes you vulnerable to fires and falls. Using power cords is a quick and easy way to minimize this risk.
  2. Work with your IT Department to ensure you have virus software installed on your computer. To protect your data, it is important to practice good security by installing virus software. Whether you are self-employed or have an IT Department that can help you, it is important to make sure you have some form of protection against viruses on your computer to protect your data.
  3. Consider installing a security alarm system to your home. Now that you have protected yourself from digital threats, it is important to look after your physical belongings as well. From equipment to sensitive files, at-home workers are likely to have valuable belongings in their home office. Installing a security alarm system to your home will help add a layer of protection for your physical belongings.
  4. Make sure you have the proper insurance coverage to protect your home office. Use this week to review your insurance coverage on your home with one of our agents to make sure you are properly protected.


While working from home presents us with different challenges than some of us may be used to, the good news is there is a lot you can do to make sure your home office is safe and secure!