Speeding Ticket Diversion Program

June 17, 2015


Yikes! I got a speeding ticket, will it affect my insurance?

The answer varies depending on the severity of the ticket and how many you’ve had. Traffic violations, like accidents, can have a direct result of how much you pay for your auto insurance. If your record was previously spotless, you might like to keep it that way by participating in your local prosecutor’s diversion program.

What is this diversion program? You pay a fine on top of the speeding ticket, usually $50 or so and if you don’t get caught in the same county for 12 or 24 months, your violation will not appear on your driver record. The rules vary by county. 

Who’s eligible for the diversion program? Generally minor infractions are eligible in most if not all of Indiana’s 92 counties. Reckless driving is not likely to qualify, but the routine 10 or 15 mph over the limit will most likely get you in the program. This is an alternative that you might choose to pay rather than having the ticket appear on your record. If you receive a speeding ticket, you should call the prosecutor’s office in your county and ask if you’re eligible to participate. Currently, there’s not much way one county can see another’s diversion, so if you get a ticket in another county you may be able to get it diverted, too. 

Of course being your conservative insurance adviser, I would recommend obeying all the traffic laws, but there’s no point in punishing yourself twice by paying a ticket and possibly having your insurance rates go up as well. In case you’re wondering if this is legal, it is and most county prosecutor’s embrace this program because of tight budget constraints they need the money to help run their departments.

I always recommend diverting a ticket if you can to keep your record clean. Whether you need Indiana SR22, SR21 or SR50 insurance. We’re here for your driving needs. For more information, contact Bill Bolander at 317.462.9204.