Start Your Career With Shepherd Insurance

February 24, 2022

Choosing the right career for yourself is no easy task, and it is no secret the world of work is changing rapidly. From what industry and job role you are interested in, to the culture of the workplace and finding value in your work, there are so many things to consider.

In our world, February is celebrated as insurance careers month, which serves as a great reminder to think about why we appreciate working in insurance and why others should come join us.

There is no shortage of people who need insurance, but how many people as a kid say, “I’m going to grow up to be in insurance?” Well maybe not many, but we think we have a compelling argument as to why you should not only build your career in the insurance space but also why you should build it with Shepherd Insurance. 

So, maybe you are one of those people that has never thought about growing your career in insurance, but who’s to say you can’t change your mind? Instead of trying to give you the corporate response explaining why you should join us, we asked our team, and here is what they said:


“I enjoy being a part of something that is growing and moving forward. The sky is the limit.”

“I am able to strive to better myself and make a better future for myself and the company.”

Personal Growth

“It is a great environment where we are encouraged to be the best version of ourselves in the workplace.”

“I’m able to take on new responsibilities that allow me to grow in the workplace and personally.”


“The opportunities, pride and encouragement from management and coworkers makes you not want to let them down.”

“It is a great place to work. The people geniunely care about how you are doing. All are willing to help if needed.”


“I really like the family atmosphere and how we mix up the work week with a little bit of fun.”

“The company provides a family environment with the resources to be successful.”

Whether you are wanting to join a place with a great team atmosphere or you are looking for a place to grow personally and professionally, not only do we think Shepherd is the place for you, but so do our employees. With offices throughout the United States, we would love to connect to see if we have a position for you. Check out our careers page to learn more!