Talk to Your Agent

August 1, 2016

If you have questions about your insurance policy, the best advice is to ask your insurance agent.

I received a call from a client upset that information I gave her about the potential for a policy surcharge on her renewal for filing a claim was not only different, but completely opposite of everything she’d been told by five other non-insurance people!

When she asked why my information was radically different, the only answer I had was this is my area of expertise. I do this every day, and I have the details to her specific account information.

Your insurance policy is like no one else’s.

The coverage and premium are based on your individual risk. Your credit score, your geographic location, and your claim history, if any, affect your policy. Not one company we represent is exactly the same as any other company. They all have a specific criterion that sets them apart from their competitors. So even if you live in a tract home and you and your neighbor have the same company policy form, your coverages and premiums are likely to be very different.

Why? Your neighbor might have opted for less than guaranteed replacement cost on his home, requested a higher deductible and assumed more risk, or have a better credit score – there is no telling.

Ideally, your insurance agent has talked with you on at least one or more occasion to determine your insurance requirements, your history, and your premium cap. Then, they’ve researched your account and found the company that best suit your precise needs and meets the criteria of your fundamental requests.

If you are not sure that your account has been reviewed recently give us a call – or if you are not currently working with a trusted Shepherd Insurance advisor – call Robbi Gwaltney or your nearest Shepherd agency! We’ll be happy to do a full account review for you!