Amy G.

January 22, 2021

“During quarantine, I decided to start house hunting and Matt worked with me to find quotes for home owner’s insurance. He also helped me determine whether or not a house I was looking at was in the flood plain. I decided to purchase a house, and Matt quickly and efficiently found me a quote. The next day, my car was swiped by a hit and run driver, and Matt worked with the body shop to get my car in at the right time as I would be responsible for my rental car. I also waited until the last minute to start my home owner’s insurance, but Matt and Kara made it available and active on the day I needed it to be. In the past, Moore & Shepherd Insurance has saved me money by finding and notifying me that I could get better/same coverage of my car and renter’s insurance, but at a lower price. Though I don’t reside in Jackson County, I will always use and am thankful for Moore & Shepherd Insurance!”