Top 10 Reasons to Stay in Touch with Your Insurance Agent

April 3, 2015

Of course, you’ll want to contact your insurance agent regarding a claim. And it’s wise to review your renewal statement with your agent. But there are many other reasons to call your agent to make sure your insurance accurately reflects your current risks.

Contact your insurance agent:

  1. When you buy or sell a car
  2. When you change jobs, and have a different commute distance.
  3. When you remodel your home – add a deck, finish your basement, or build an addition to your home.
  4. When you set up a home-based business (where the public is coming and going, and/or you are storing “product”).
  5. When you or your spouse is given a company car to drive.
  6. When you install a security system in your home.
  7. When your spouse goes to work after being at home.
  8. When someone passes away, or moves out of the home.
  9. If you get married or divorced.
  10. When your children go away to college.

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