Claims & Preventive Measures

May 5, 2017

Have you ever had a home loss that resulted in a claim? It’s not the most fun or convenient situation to find yourself in but it’s something might be minimized with a bit of preventive measure.

For instance, years ago we had a heavy rain similar to what we’ve experienced this past week. Our sump pump failed in our basement and in about 15 hours we spent almost $12,000 in cleanup and restoration. Fortunately, the restoration company was able to get my family back to whole in about 3 weeks. This is not usually the case.

Right now, we have waiting lists of people needing to have water remediated from their basements, roofs that need inspecting, and downed trees. We can’t help the damage of Mother Nature but we can try and mitigate some of the loss before it begins.

  1. Waterproofing your basement – Experts agree you should have your basement inspected by a professional at least every other year. A good basement waterproofing job can prevent mold, get rid of mildew, and ward off a musty smell in your basement. Plus, the moisture, mold, and mildew can lead to poor indoor air quality or health problems in the home.
  1. Roof inspections – Experts agree it is highly advisable to have your roof inspected regularly, especially since our region’s most common peril is wind and hail. This preventative measure will help you to ensure your roof is sound and can help to uncover damages caused by weather, an infestation of rodents and pests, or other harmful elements so you can plan your roof repair ahead of time.
  1. Debris Removal – Before the next storm, answer two important questions to keep your home, tree, and wallet safe. Is your tree healthy enough to survive a severe storm? If your tree were to fall, does homeowner’s insurance cover tree loss or tree removal? Many homeowner’s policies keep you covered if high winds, hail and other types of storms take down trees. Often, policies don’t cover tree claims if the tree falls but doesn’t damage your home or any structures, like a garage or fence. Either way, if a tree needed to be removed before a storm, you could be looking at an out-of-pocket expense. Because of this, if you have any concerns about the wellness of the tree, call an arborist for an inspection.

Last, and always, if you hire anyone to do work in or on your home, make sure they are licensed and bonded. Do not hesitate to ask for a copy of their certificate of insurance for your file. If they cannot present it to you then they may not be the right person for your job. If they do present it to you check the effective and expiration dates to make sure it is still in good standing.