May 18, 2017

Many insurance agents are in the business of developing relationships with their clients and with other businesses as a complement to their own personal lives.

For instance, we at Shepherd Insurance pride ourselves on the practice of doing business with clients that do business with us.

We use the restoration companies in our own homes, utilize our lending partners when we refinance our mortgages, use our real estate agents when we, family, or friends are buying and selling homes, and share the experiences we’ve had with our own financial advisors.

For example, I recently learned from a mortgage marketing manager that in addition to shopping for less expensive more comprehensive insurance, people should be shopping their interest rates. If you think you are locked into a higher rate because you bought your home 10 years ago and you’ve never revisited your APR – now is the time!

In addition, my financial advisor let me know after reviewing my portfolio that I was light on my 401K and could stand to diversify my investments a bit more and that if I planned to retire anytime soon, I’d need to make that change now!

My realtor friends keep me apprised of the market, changes in their state regulations, and the pain point’s clients are feeling when they are shopping for their new homes, whether it’s the insurance, the taxes, or just the cost of the home in itself!

Many times, it is has been mutually beneficial for them to buy their insurance from my agency, and then in turn they can share their experiences with their own clients.

If you have that personal relationship with your agent, and I hope you do, then you should ask about their relationships with any or all of these professionals. It might save you valuable research time as well as give you peace of mind when going through these processes for yourself and your clients!

For more information, contact Robbi Gwaltney or your local Shepherd Insurance representative.