May 19, 2021

Large, private employer in healthcare industry

Case Study: Administration A client’s Human Resources department was spending an excessive amount of time and energy complying with Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans …

May 19, 2021

Large, public higher education institution

Case Study: Third Party Representation Due to high utilization by employees, client’s renewals from the ancillary insurance carrier was 45.19% for short-term disability, 65.89% for long-term …

May 19, 2021

Large, private employer in manufacturing industry

Case Study: Compliance Client failed to file Form 5500 documents with the Department of Labor since 1972, as required for all ERISA plans with more than …

May 19, 2021

Higher Education Institution serving 4,500+ students

Case Study: Strategy Shepherd Insurance had the opportunity to partner with a new client. Client received a 42% increase on their fully insured medical and prescription …

April 22, 2021

Large, private higher education institution

Case Study: Strategy Client facing increased costs and low employee satisfaction with dual plan options (Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) & Health Savings Account (HSA) eligible High …