May 19, 2021

Large, private employer in healthcare industry

Case Study: Administration A client’s Human Resources department was spending an excessive amount of time and energy complying with Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Americans with…
May 19, 2021

Large, public higher education institution

Case Study: Third Party Representation Due to high utilization by employees, client’s renewals from the ancillary insurance carrier was 45.19% for short-term disability, 65.89% for long-term disability,…
May 19, 2021

Large, private employer in manufacturing industry

Case Study: Compliance Client failed to file Form 5500 documents with the Department of Labor since 1972, as required for all ERISA plans with more than 100…
May 19, 2021

Higher Education Institution serving 4,500+ students

Case Study: Strategy Shepherd Insurance had the opportunity to partner with a new client. Client received a 42% increase on their fully insured medical and prescription drug…
April 22, 2021

Large, private higher education institution

Case Study: Strategy Client facing increased costs and low employee satisfaction with dual plan options (Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) & Health Savings Account (HSA) eligible High Deductible…